United States timber WARRINGTON, PA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2023 / The Warrington Plumbers in PA at Grade A Plumbing Inc strongly recommend winterizing plumbing pipes to avoid costly repairs. A few simple steps can save tens of thousands on plumbing repair and water damage restoration services.

We caught up with Adam Resnick, President of Grade A Plumbing, and he shared with us the questions most commonly asked by their customers, along with some money-saving tips.

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To keep pipes from freezing, what temperature should homes be kept at? Thermostats should be set to 68 or higher at all times to avoid freezing.

What is the maximum time a house can go without heat? Depending on the temperature, pipes with poor insulation can freeze within three hours. The temperature can drop quickly if the power goes out.

At what temperature can pipes freeze inside a house? Freezing occurs at 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C, but what temperature does it freeze in a house? To put exposed pipes in danger, temperatures should only drop to 20 degrees for no more than a few hours.

To prevent frozen pipes, how high should the heat be kept? Thermostats should be set at 68 or higher at all times. This will prevent pipes inside the house from freezing and allow pipes under the home to remain at a slightly higher temperature.

Will burst pipes occur after only a few hours at below-freezing temperatures? Pipes should not be in temperatures this cold for more than six hours.

Adam adds, “Unfortunately, most homeowners ask how to prevent their pipes from freezing only after it has happened. At a time when costs for everything seem to be on the rise, we want to share simple steps to take before temperatures drop that can save homeowners a lot of money. Some can be done by anyone who is handy and in good physical health. Others should be done by a professional plumber.”

Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Exterior hoses can be disconnected if they won’t be in use during the winter months. Frozen pipes can be avoided in winter by disconnecting garden hoses from the exterior. Inadvertently leaving your hoses connected can cause them to freeze and crack. Then, they will need to be replaced in spring. The same principle applies to sprinkler systems. Be sure sprinkler systems are turned off in the winter.

Pipes must have proper insulation. Protective foam insulation is a great way to avoid costly plumbing repairs, as well as potential water damage and mold growth. This is a cost-effective option that can be done in a matter of hours. We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to check the pipes for insulation. Building contractors usually apply insulation in newly built homes, but this is not always the case.

We would suggest you take some extra steps to properly winterize your plumbing system If you are planning on leaving your home for the winter.

Turn off the main water valve. The exterior of your home is where the main water valve is located. It can be found in basements, garages, crawl spaces, and even under the house. Look for a red or green lever or a knob. To turn the knob or lever off, press CLOCKWISE on either side. Turn off the well pump if the home is connected to well water.

Excess air should be properly blown out of pipes. After the main water supply is shut off, an air compressor can be used to remove any excess air. For the winter, they should be completely dry. It is a wise idea to hire a professional without knowledge about how to use an air compressor.

When homeowners are uncertain how to follow these steps safely, it is always best to call a licensed plumbing company. They can check for adequate insulation and be sure all exterior hoses and sprinkler systems are disconnected. Be sure to follow the additional steps when leaving home for the winter or extended periods of time.

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