Timber companies in cameroon Philip Munyau aka Tuku Kantu says that LuLu Hassan praised him in an interview that she was conducting to him after she saw some of his skills.

Tuku says that she asked her if she could act and he said yes.

The Vijana Barubaru member disclosed this in an interview with Mpasho’s journalist, Denis Milimo at the Kasiri press conference.

He also disclosed that this is not something he was hoping for, he expected for them to be given a songwriting role but this is the door that God has opened for him so he did it.

Milimo asked, ” hii mchongo Kasiri imekupata aje

He answers, “Mimi nilikua kwenye interview pale na Lulu pale citizen, akaniambia ‘unacheza vizuri sana jee kunajua kuact’? nikamwambia sisi tunaeza.”

The new actor says that he was hoping for them to give him a role not as an actor but as a songwriter but God decided a new door for him. When He is graceful you don’t miss a chance.

“Kusema ukweli sisi tulikua tunataka kupatiwa kazi ya kuandika nyimbo lakini Mungu anafungua ule mlango anantaka. So kukawa na role flani naeza cheza na nikaipata,” The singer continues.

The interviewer also asks him if he has any past experience in acting and he says he has no especially on television. This makes me wonder how a person can be this good to be cast on a big series, it is definitely God’s blessing. 

Milimo: So ii ndio role yako ya kwanza kwenye acting ama ushacheza before?

“Kama ni ya televisheni basi hii ni ya kwanza na za theater nimeact mbili tu maishani. I had to unlearn something and learn new things,” Tuku answers.

Milimo continues and asks what his role was,

 ” Pale kenya Kasiri nacheza kam Taji, Taji ni mtoto wake Amber and the only son of Zula the firstborn child,” He answers.

Milimo: ni challenge gani umepitia apo,

“The challenge ni ati creativity ni different, Changing and adapting to the new industry is a bit challenging kupick. but mimi ni quick learner.”

Simply he says that he found it hard at first to adjust to the new creativity methods but because he is a fast learner he adapted quickly.

Milimo asked him if went to audition or if he was called on one and given the role.

The Musician says that due to God’s grace, he was called on and given the role because I was there at the right time.

He continues and says that he can’t weigh between music and acting because he loves them both because he puts his all into it and is always ready to learn.

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