• July 25, 2022

Over more than half a decade of success, Rosohan Hardwoods, has always been the reliable choice for contractors, builders and hardwood importers in Europe, Asia and America. Rosohan Hardwoods focuses on customer needs, delivering reliable products and services that engender long-term trust. During the past 9-plus years, much has changed, but Rosohan Hardwoods core values still hold true today. The company continues to be dedicated to providing high-quality hardwood lumber and building blanks for contractors, builders and individuals. Rosohan Hardwoods enables you to buy easier, so you can export faster! What’s in our future? More reliability, more high-quality hardwood and softwood and natural honey production—and, always, customer service you can count on. That’s been the company’s mission since 2014, and we pledge to continue that tradition throughout the next 100 years.

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