Timber Kelly Khumalo’s neighbour has told the court how he saw a man looking into the singer’s house before jumping over the fence on the night that Senzo Meyiwa was killed. 

Khaya Ngcatshe testified as the became the state witness yesterday in the new trial of Meyiwa’s murder which is being heard at North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.  

Ngcatshe told the court that he had just returned from a concert with his brother on the evening of October 26 2014 when he suddenly heard commotion coming from the Khumalo’s house. His bedroom faces the Khumalo’s and through his window he saw a figure inside their (Khumalo’s) property.

“I tried to find out where the noise was coming from so I went to my bedroom window. As I opened my window which is facing their (Khumalo’s) small kitchen window, I saw a man in a white shirt standing there . He had his back towards me,” Ngcatshe said.

He said the noise persisted and then he walked out of his room when he met his father in the passage. 

“We both proceeded to our kitchen and as we were coming out from the door, we saw another young man jumping the fence into our yard. When we saw him we were shocked and wondered who he was and what he was doing there. This was after 7pm,” said Ngcatshe. 

He says he had a steel rod and lifted it with both hands as they were confronting the unknown person.

“[As we aproached him] he told us it was not him [at fault]. We asked what he meant and he told us that there was a problem that had transpired in the house next door. We left him alone because we were confused and then he jumped over the fence again back into the Khumalo’s yard.”

Ngcatshe continued: “I was about to also jump the fence but my father stopped me and said he had heard something that sounded like a gun. We then remained in our yard and after a while we heard movement and a lot of commotion in the street. Some were screaming and more neighbours were moving towards the Khumalo house.” 

He said they later also went to the Khumalo home to help put the bleeding Meyiwa into the car and rushed him to hospital.

The trial resumes tomorrow with defence lawyer Sipho Ramosepele expected to cross-examine Ngcatshe. 

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